Follett Virtual

Virtual Solutions for Your Campus.
Evolved Experiences for Your Students.

Follett Virtual is an agile online campus store program that provides flexible options to improve the experience for students and faculty — all in a way that is tailored specifically for your campus.

We offer three powerful virtual models for your institution:

Online Campus Stores

Online Campus Stores

A Powerful Store Experience in a Virtual World

If your campus store space is a valued commodity or your on-site campus store is becoming unprofitable, then moving your campus store online is an ideal option.

Follett leverages software solutions, state-of-the-art online retail capabilities and years of expertise to provide campuses with a world-class student shopping experience that meets all of their needs — from course materials to technology to supplies to branded spirit wear and more.

Hybrid Campus Stores

Hybrid Campus Stores

The Best of Both Worlds for Your Institution

With Follett's hybrid solution, institutions can offer course materials online so that the physical store can pivot its focus to selling general merchandise, technology and convenience products all year long.

Our hybrid model lets you allocate more physical space in your store to the products you want to feature, making it a true campus destination.

Moving course materials online allows your institution to maintain a concierge-level experience for faculty when submitting adoptions and for students when purchasing course materials. In fact, the campus store site provides the required and recommended course materials, so students can count on getting the right editions for their courses.

Follett Access

Follett Access Course Materials Included

Transforming the Way Course Materials Are Delivered

Some institutions are looking for ways to reduce the cost of an education and can do without a campus store altogether.

Follett ACCESS can provide course materials (textbooks, courseware, lab kits, supplies, etc.) as part of a student's tuition or course charges — without the need for an online or physical campus store. Additionally, by providing all needed course materials to students on day one, Follett ACCESS helps improve accessibility and affordability to increase student success rates and fuel better outcomes.

Take Your Virtual Experience to the Next Level

Supporting the evolving needs of your campus community with flexible virtual solutions is the key to driving student retention and academic success. Follett Virtual can help.

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